Our Story

Eric Tabor ELM Group Memphis & Florida
Eric Tabor

Eric Tabor

General Manager

Founder, owner, and operator Eric Tabor grew up in Murfreesboro, TN. It was in the midst of a  building boom, and he remembers being surrounded by the nearly constant buzz of nearby construction. He was drawn to the building process, and as he neared high school graduation, Eric was ready to try out building for himself. A local developer gave young Eric a chance to build and sell his first home. The project went well, and at age 17 Eric Tabor built and sold his first house as headed off to college.

Years later Eric found himself with a similar opportunity, but with much larger and more sophisticated houses than those of his youth.  These homes were located in Halle Plantation, and after taking the opportunity at age 35 Eric Tabor never looked back. Learning and honing his craft for the past 20+ years Tabor’s love for building has developed into what today is the ELM Group. Surrounding himself with some of the best people in the industry and personally being involved in every project Tabor has turned his passion into something that adds lasting value to every community ELM Group builds in.

Steve Price

Steve Price

Operations Manager

Mr. Price began working for a Truckload carrier at 15 years old when a friend’s dad (Gene Dowty) took him on and mentored him in the business and invested greatly in Steve’s personal development.  After high school when Steve’s friends began choosing vocations and or going off to college, Steve enlisted in the U.S. Army serving 8 years in various military-occupation-specialties (M.O.S.), Building Trades, Demolition, Electronics, and combat medic.  During his eight-year service, Mr. Price developed a love for procedures and respect for his team. 

After his honorable discharge in 1993, Mr. Price returned to his home in Northeast Arkansas using his hard earned leadership skills to start two successful businesses.  Mr. Price founded and operated a small Over-the-road (OTR) trucking company while simultaneously running a flooring company. 

In 2005, Steve moved to the larger market of Memphis, TN joining Tile House as head of operations and then starting his own company Tile Medics.  It was during this period of time of 2005-2014 when Mr. Price developed many relationships within the luxury custom home industry.  In 2015, Mr. Price co-founded ELM Group.  Steve is instrumental in the development of a process that he is convinced is a “better way to build.”

Our Mission

ELM Group partners with architects and contractors to create beautiful structures that are durable, functional, economic, and can interface with emerging technology. We aim to build quality structures that add immediate value and pass the test of time in every community we work in.

Who We Serve

We’re here to serve Architects and residential and commercial general contractors. We understand the challenge architects face when it comes to materials, textures, and getting their designs off the ground in a timely and cost effective way. We know what is on the line for a general contractor during every build and can expedite the process and get the job done with precision craftsmanship. We also understand that the emerging market for structural concrete can be a challenge for custom home builders. We can pour cast in place homes for custom homebuilders and offer consultation as to how the product will work with electricians, HVAC, decorators, etc.

Value Focused

Inexpensive devices, expediency, and short lasting “beauty” trends have become the all too common norm.  ELM Group is focused on creating lasting value in everything we do. Our focus is on architectural beauty, material durability, low maintenance, energy efficiency, and security.  We believe real value is not easily disposable, but rather sustainable. Long-term beauty, strength, and low perennial costs are the kinds of value we focus on in every decision we make.