Concrete Vs Wood Frame FAQ

Concrete home construction has existed for hundreds of years and is again on the rise. Today, the cost of construction for solid built homes is comparable if not less than that of wood framed homes. Solid homes are more energy efficient, safer, require less maintenance and are more sound proof making them a great investment.
Is concrete stronger than wood frame?
When built to current code requirements wood frame homes with or without brick veneer are very strong, but yes, concrete construction is stronger.
Is it going to look weird in the neighborhood?
No, this type of construction though very strong and energy efficient will be a craftsman style home like others featured in this area.
Is it eco-friendly to build this way?
Yes, it is eco-friendly. Let me further say, just because something is eco-friendly it is not always fiscally responsible. However, this type of construction is both green and sensible.
Will the interior look different?
It does not look different. The interior walls are still wood frame with sheetrock and can be customized to fit your needs.
Is it more expensive to build with concrete?
Surprisingly it is roughly the same cost to build a home with a concrete exterior as it is to build a wood frame home with a brick veneer. The better question though: Is building a concrete home a better value? Yes, it is a much better value. There are significant savings on insurance and maintenance.
What are the benefits of building this way?
Advantages over conventional wood frame homes:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Increased structural integrity
  • Easier temperature control
  • Greatly diminished outside noise
  • Durability of a concrete structure is measured in centuries instead of decades
  • Increased fire resistance
  • Economical value
  • Eco-friendly
  • Reduced maintenance costs
Will it be more earthquake proof or tornado proof?
Great question! While nothing is completely earthquake proof or tornado proof, the recent changes in the building codes have increased the abilities of all new homes to sustain a natural disaster event. This is one of the reasons wood frame houses are increasing in cost. The seismic panels which are now required greatly strengthen wood frame homes’ corner strength. However, concrete is inherently stronger.
If this is a better way to build, why isn't everyone doing it?
Another great question. This method of building is considered the preferred method in areas with high winds and extreme temperatures. (i.e. hurricane areas, tornado areas, deserts, extreme cold) Historically it has been cost prohibitive to build this way. However the recent increases in lumber and labor costs have made this method more economically competitive.
What are the style options when building a concrete home?
This type of structure has the same style options as wood framed homes. High-end residential structures have been built of concrete for centuries and are still being constructed this way.
Can I tour one of your homes?
Please contact us and we’ll arrangeĀ a tour.