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Structural Concrete Experts

ELM Group has expertise in nearly every area of construction, but we stand out when it comes to structural concrete. Our portfolio of successful concrete projects speaks for itself. It’s not just our experience with concrete that matters, but our belief and commitment to the material. Concrete’s strength, durability, economy, and sculpt-ability make it our favorite material to build with.

Cast In Place Concrete Home Before Cast In Place Concrete Home Before

Cast in Place Concrete

A Durable, Solid Shell

Popular for building custom sculpted homes, cast in place, or envelope concrete is the method of pouring concrete into an upright cast. The result is a durable solid shell of concrete that makes up the entirety of the home. Over the years we’ve honed this skill to become known as the premier builder for this type of structure in our region. If you’re a contractor that is considering building this type of custom home we can help. If you’re an architect designing this type of home we can partner with you and show you how to sculpt with concrete.


A cast in place concrete home can be built to be indistinguishable in appearance to the most aesthetically pleasing wood frame homes. It can also be constructed to standout in a genuinely unique way.


Concrete custom homes are ultra-quiet homes ensuring peace and warmth in the nosiest of locations.

Energy Efficient

The thermal benefits of a cast in place home are unmatched. These homes stay warmer in winter and cooler in the summer.


Built strong and built to last, they can hold up to the strongest winds on earth. In many hurricane and tornado-prone areas, cast in place homes are the new norm because of their strength and durability.

Low Maintenance

A home built with a durable solid shell of concrete requires very little attention compared to wood frame homes. Mold, rot, and insect damage is never an issue.


Concrete is the most cost-effective building material available when you consider its durability, maintenance costs, energy efficiency, and flexibility during design and construction.

Tilt-Up Concrete

An Efficient, Cost-Effective Alternative

Tilt-up concrete structures come with all the benefits of cast in place but are constructed with a different methodology. Unlike cast in place where the cement is poured into an upright mold, a tilt-up concrete wall is poured flat parallel to the ground level. Once the wall has set and is ready a crane tilts the wall up into position. Tilt-up concrete structures are recommend for larger commercial projects. When labor and time are considered, renting a crane to lift a massive commercial building wall into place is a more cost-effective choice.

Concrete Flatwork

Driveways, Patios, Sidewalks & More

ELM Group’s flat concrete services cover any need for a flat concrete pour. This includes foundations, concrete floors, driveways, patios, parking lots, etc. Concrete’s flexibility will allow it to take on any shape or texture. We can easily imitate the appearance of traditional masonry pavers for a driveway. Exposed aggregate finishes add extra grip and slip resistance for high-traffic spaces prone to excess water.